The Helix Hegemony

Helix hegemony symbol
The Helix Hegemony began when a like-minded group of individuals got together and saw that the world had become segregated, its peoples paranoid and xenophobic, not trusting of outsiders. Its purpose was and remains to unite the world, its influence is far felt, and its means are great.

The Helix Hegemony uses massive, self-contained domes to traverse the world and harbor those that take their offer of peace and shelter. About two dozen domes are in existence, some found, some made, but all utilize a similar technology that has allowed the leaders of the Helix Hegemony to make use of nanomachines, dubbed Nodes, that make everyone in their protection effectively immortal. Few know how they work, but fewer still can doubt the way in which they have changed the perception of life.

Nodes take the genetic material, the combined technology and knowledge of their hosts and link these with a network of all of the other Node hosts in the vicinity, creating a community of skilled individuals and an ever-evolving race. When a host suffers a fatal wound, their body is broken down into its basic building blocks and over the course of 4 to 8 hours, the Node hosts draw power from the domes to recreate the individual using aspects from the growing gene pool. The host is revived with a new body, appearance, a wide skill set, and some basic tools needed for survival pulled from the massive pool of supplies that the domes contain. The host’s personality and memories may be the same as their former incarnation, or they may take on new quirks and become a new individual. During regular function, the Nodes constantly evolve helpful mutations for their hosts taken from the large pool of individuals in a given dome.

Joining the Helix Hegemony and becoming a Nodes is a voluntary transition, as the organization is a diplomatic one. In return for the ability to slow aging and be reborn effectively indefinitely, Node hosts agree to voluntary sterility (except in the case of small organisms who through the use of Nodes have become a single-minded hive organism, in which case the females reproduce through parthenogenesis and use a form of obligate diapause to delay the birth of their offspring, most often to replace killed or lost members of the hive organism) and a pact of nonaggression towards other members of the Helix Hegemony, both of which are enforced by the Nodes themselves.

While many welcome the quest for peace and technology that enriches life and allows for such aforementioned hive organisms to exist, not all peoples accept the intent of the Helix Hegemony and the organization faces insurgents in pockets all over the world. In an attempt to ease relations between the Helix Hegemony and those that oppose it and add to the allure of the organization, agents are sent out regularly to provide help to local people in need, acquire useful technology and acquire more genetic material in the hopes that a particular genetic combination will allow Node hosts to find physical common ground with outside civilizations. These agents are referred to by a numbers of nick names, Receivers, Retainers, Mediators, but are officially titled Intercessors, a term used to refer to someone that acts as an intermediary. They are essential to forward the ends of the Helix Hegemony, and their line of work is extremely risky. Given that individuals can die and come back looking completely different, Intercessors are encouraged to find an accessory or means of consistently visually identifying themselves. As not everyone is fond of their organization, they are discouraged from using the official Helix Hegemony symbol unless in amiable contact with a local civilization.

The domes that power the Nodes are massive structures, built for a variety of purposes and intended to be entirely self-sufficient. The power required to continually maintain the Nodes of all of the members of the domes, especially the ones outside of regular contact with the domes, is massive. Many domes rely on several forms of power at once and remain stationary, but many if not all of them are capable of traveling long distances in short stints at a time. Depending on the environment and the amount of power to be harvested, domes often go years without having to travel. Food rations in the domes are homogeneous, and come in the form of silica-gel like tablets that dissolve and expand in water to accommodate caloric intake, and regulate biological function via the Nodes when applicable. They do no harm to non-Node imbibers.

There has been some concern lately regarding the livelihood of far-flung domes. Although the domes are entirely self-contained communities, they sync up quarterly to give status updates. Within recent years there have been occasional blackouts between domes, some even falling off of the radar completely. Given their self-sufficient nature and that domes are often many hundreds of miles apart, there have not been enough resources to investigate these disappearances.h1. Your title here…

The Helix Hegemony

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