Gammayun is the consort and advisor to Sarjei, the leader of The Kabuki. He was in joint command of the forces in the fight against The Obake that ended with the death of himself, Sarjei and a handful of other Kabuki.

Gammayun is severely critical of his brother, Zakar, an oracle in the tribe, for his spiritual ways and bumbling demeanor. It was Zakar that decided in the aftermath of the battle to seek out Dome Foo for aid, and consequently initiate the rest of his tribe to save them from having their leadership and their livelihood destroyed.

Gammayun is headstrong and quick to anger. Since their initiation as Node hosts, Gammayun has pressed without success to find and attack The Obake tribe. As Sarjei revived in the form of a firebird-woman, Gammayun himself was revived as a dark and imposing shadow-bird. Their coincidental synchronicity has elicited surprised reactions from members of Dome Foo, and Sarjei’s own new form has started rumors among The Kabuki about some sort of prophecy.


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