Warp World

Trying times

Roberto managed to make his way to the head of the group and entered into the corridor, drawing the attention of four ceiling-mounted rocket turrets in the hallway to his left. As two of them exploded within impact distance a residual energy well drew Roberto from his footing on solid ground into the sloping hallway, but he managed not to fall on the slippery floor.

Paradox followed in the footsteps of his doppelganger and Roberto, stopping as the turrets came into view. His inherent paranoia led him to scan the rest of the room; he noticed two sets of laser mesh crossing the hall and several odd sets of tiles raised off of the floor. Taking aim, he fired a time paradox at the nearest turret, warping it from the ceiling onto the floor in the first laser mesh. Before it disappeared the turret seemed to absorb the energy of the shot. As it appeared harmlessly in the mesh, it sprouted a pair of rudimentary legs and again took aim at the trespassers.

Tai climbed to the ceiling much as a flame would, entering the room and staring a turret down face to barrel. With several of his free hands he let forth a burst of fire that burned the turret hot red, but the effect seemed to linger longer than normal.

Fim waited outside in the darkened hall and watched these events intently. Seeing an opportunity he floated into the room, taking brief note of the trapped hallway, and placed himself in front of a circuit panel on the far side. Finding a correlation between the power grid and the traps, he began to fiddle with the wiring and ended up crushing Roberto using the unsteady floor panels. Fim didn’t notice this. Instead, the self-repairing system attempted to lock him out and defend itself, giving him a substantial shock and provoking a more aggressive response from him. As he descended, Roberto saw a computer console at the far end of the room and moved toward it, setting off traps and narrowly evading the turrets’ fire.

This continued for a few minutes. Fim fought with the power controls, opting to disable what the team ascertained to be adaptive rocket turrets. In the end, Roberto and Paradox lay unconscious at the foot of the incline, and Tai found himself trapped in between the hallway’s laser fences staring down a laser turret as it came back online. A point-blank shot pulled him from the ceiling and very nearly onto a crushing panel on the floor.

Pseudo, who had been preoccupied with its recovered egg and alarmed by the explosions and lights coming from the chamber, mustered up its courage and effortlessly wheeled into the hall. Fim’s efforts to sabotage the system and Pseudo’s natural agility came together in an excellent harmony, ending with a leap over the final trapped floor panel and with Pseudo taking pot shots at the turrets as it tried to stabilize Roberto and Paradox.

Another rocket barrage forced Tai into the laser mesh, sustaining severe injuries and losing consciousness as his flame went out. Some feet away, Paradox composed himself and climbed the ramp to rescue his ally. Tai was pulled to his feet ran/climbed to the nearest door to escape. His act of heroism completed, Paradox felt the floor shudder beneath him and propel him into the ceiling. The force of the blow stunned him and as it lowered, the tile deposited him onto the level ground by Pseudo and Roberto.

As he came back to his senses, Paradox felt a breach in the shell of his armor. Knowing the consequences of this, he reached for help to the others. It was too late. His innate temporal instability pulled him apart and out of existence. The others paused for a moment and went back to their efforts as though Paradox had been there. Truthfully, he had never been. His disappearance marked a fork in the time line, and his former allies were left to question why they had come to this infernal bunker in the first place.

Fim had sustained a number of injuries from his interactions with the power console, while below Pseudo tinkered with its own computer. Roberto lay on the floor unconscious and several feet away Tai lay in the door of their supposed escape route, unable to help given the extent of his injuries.

Pseudo examined the console further, noticing a power grid that it did not know was similar to the one that Fim was looking at, except for a minor detail: from this position, the traps were all connected. Running its monstrous hands over the keyboard, Pseudo managed to disable the hallway temporarily. Fim was not convinced he could make it, and continued tinkering with the topside panel.

As the threat of the turrets returned the pair independently fought with their respective tasks, until finally the traps were disabled and Fim could safely float down the passageway. Tai glanced into the adjacent darkened room and suggested that everyone take a knee before they proceed in order to patch up their wounds and recover.



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