The more things change, the more they’ll never be the same.

It’s been many years since the incident. People have moved on, adapted and evolved, and few, if any, remember what changed the world in such a way and for what purpose it was done. The reintroduction of species long extinct, rampant radiation and time have changed what it means to be human and what humans look like. Many have evolved adaptations to help them along in the wastes of the world, those that find themselves with similar mutations or appearances often band together and settle in cities across the planet. Scientific tampering and the aftermath of nuclear, planet-shattering wars has changed the weather patterns of the world and taken them to extremes. The only remaining continent known to most is a massive Pangean expanse, partially submersed with regions occasionally accessible via land bridges several times a year. Welcome to Warp World.

Warp World

Tionas Voskyn Cyaneus emcdougall04